Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Essay about Peace

I never really have a big fight with anyone because i’m the person who wants to keep peace with anyone i know. I only had small misunderstanding situation a few times. One of them happened in my 3rd year of elementary school.

My best friend told me a secret and i promised not to tell anybody about that secret because it is very embarrassing. But, unfortunately, i told that secret to one of my friend that couldn’t keep a secret. So, in no time, the secret spread all over the class, and everyone made fun of my best friend. I feel very sorry for my friend, and i couldn’t blame anyone but myself for this problem. Of course, my best friend got angry with me, she spoke to me in high notes while crying and i only could say sorry.

I left her crying by herself because i thought if i follow her, it would just make her annoyed with my presence. It felt like forever since the last time i spoke to her. But one day, i braced myself to one more time, ask for apology to her. I want to keep my relationship to her as a best friend because she is such a loving, cheerful, and funny close friend to me.

I called her at school, and she responded. I was scared at first, but i had to be brave to save my relationship with my friend. I said i’m really sorry, and i accepted that it was my mistake. I promised i won’t do anything like that again in the future. I didn’t give anything like chocolate or candy to ask for her apology, but fortunately, she accepted my apology. I was very happy that i could reconstructed my relationship with her as a best friend. And from that time, i learned a lesson that i should never ever fail anyone’s faith in me and to always keep secrets as secrets.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Gamarvani 2015

Gamarvani is an art event that was held in 2015 by SMAN 3 Bandung. In Gamarvani we could find a modern art, traditional art, delicious menu from food truck, and many more. I saved my money so I could buy some foods there.

Tiloe’s Theatre, one of my extracurricular in school, was going to perform in Gamarvani. We practiced a lot to prepare the best performance we could give to the audience. Me and my friends was being the ‘coach’ because the real ‘coach’ c

ouldn’t teach the actor and actress. He was having another business in another city. I was afraid that we couldn’t teach them as good as my real coach would teach them, but I believe we could perform like we had expected.

I was very happy and proud in the process of the practice because they seem to be getting better every day, even though sometimes they kid around too much but I know when the time had come, they would give their maximum effort to reach our goal.

And when the performance time had come, they perform the act very well and the audiences gave a great feedback and respond to our act. I hit the stage at the end of the performance to perform the closing dance. The audience quantity was 3 times more than the quantity of last year’s art event.

After that, I watched the art extracurricular collaboration that turned out really awesome, even the Hivi members got awed by that performance. After that I join the other member of T’sT and explore the food trucks. I bought a delicious drink with Ovomaltine on it. While drinking the chocolate drink, me and my friends watched Hivi. It was a great performance, started by their cool entrance from the middle of LED screen on the stage with an addition of smoke effect to make it even cooler. And then we enjoyed the show, the songs were the best hits from Hivi, and we were having a really good time.

At the end of the day, I got home with one of my friend that gave me a ride to home. Luckily, he asked me a ride to my house because it was 10PM and it would really help if I didn’t have to use public transportation at that late night. With that, I ended the day. It was a very memorable day for me.

Job Vacancy

Recruitment Specialist

Job Location: London
Job Number: 00320539

- Job description

Senior Graduate Recruiter
Location: London
Level: 9, Specialist
Reference: 00320539
Salary: Up to £40,000 depending on experience plus excellent benefits package.
Job Summary:
The Senior Graduate Recruiter will source and select the brightest and best entry level candidates for Accenture’s graduate and internship programs from select target Universities.  The role will include driving the relationship and campus strategy through working with careers services, faculty leads, lecturers and student societies. They will lead the university Action Team meetings alongside Managing Directors, providing key metrics around campus strategy and targeted approach. The Senior Recruiters role is to drive the strategy for their target universities with the support of their Junior Recruiter.
Key responsibilities:
Campus Recruitment -
  • Develop strong relationships with 6-8 target Universities
  • Maintain a primary focus on strategies to source STEM students and students to meet our diversity targets – Female, Afro Caribbean etc.
  • Design and deliver a range of high impact, innovative sourcing events on campus to generate high quality internship and graduate applications e.g. skills sessions, networking events, presentations
  • Conduct on-going research/ analysis into our target audience to ensure our sourcing strategies are relevant and stand out in a crowded market place
  • Conduct regular competitor analysis and feed into longer term recruitment strategies
  • Having overall management of their university budgets and Tracking ROI per event.
  • Meeting recruitment targets (diversity, STEM, offer accept)
  • Leading Projects within Graduate Recruitment – for example Diversity Lead, events lead, University Action Team Lead, Campus Ambassador Lead, and candidate experience lead etc. 
  • Supporting Candidate Management team during seasonally busy times.
Relationship management:
Internal -
  • Manage stakeholder relationships including recruitment sponsors
  • University Action Teams – structure and motive teams of approx. 50-100 members from all levels across the business (including Accenture Leadership) to deliver bespoke campus strategies
  • Wider recruitment team including Diversity Lead and experienced hire recruiters
  • Broader HR teams including talent supply chain team
  • Interviewers (consulting Managers and Senior Managers)

- Basic qualifications

External -
  • Manage candidate relationships both on campus and throughout recruitment process (from first year undergraduates up to graduates)
  • Manage relationships with careers services- including careers advisors, employer liaison officers and academics/ departments
  • Manage third party suppliers/ partners e.g. Banks Sadler
Team Management:
  • Supervision of one direct report (Analyst Junior Recruiter) – motivate, develop and manage day to day workload
  • Conduct 1st and 2nd round interviews for Graduate and Internships vacancies
  • Conduct Interview training for Managers
Skills / Qualifications:
Knowledge / skills requirement -
  • Detailed knowledge of graduate recruiting processes
  • Understanding of working in a professional services environment
  • Knowledge of graduate recruitment industry and student job search trends
  • Competitor awareness
  • Employment law regarding Selection and Assessment (e.g. data privacy, discrimination)
  • Knowledge of Selection and Assessment processes/best practice
  • Knowledge of graduate recruitment marketing strategies
Functional Skills:
  • Budgeting management skills
  • Issue resolution/Problem Solving Skills
  • Relationship management
  • Interview and presentation skills
  • Attention to Detail
  • Organisational Skills/Time Management
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Training (skills for students & interviews for managers)
  • Event management
  • Performance Management
  • HR/Recruiting experience in commercial, fast paced environment, preferably in either Graduate or volume recruiting, HR, Consulting
  • Customer Relationship/Vendor Management Experience
Please also note that Accenture is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applications from all sections of society and does not discriminate on grounds of race, religion or belief, ethnic or national origin, disability, age, citizenship, marital, domestic or civil partnership status, sexual orientation, or gender identity.
Closing date for applications: 30th November 2015
Accenture reserves the right to close the role prior to this date should a suitable applicant be found

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Dewa Athena

Last year, I only join the soccer part, but this year I also join the dodgeball part. Event though I have never played dodgeball before, but my friends said it was okay to just play and had fun. And at the end, we won the game!

But when we played dodgeball again, we were out-numbered by the rival. And unfortunately, we lost the game. We were very dissapointed but that’s the result and we couldn’t change that. So we really focused on the soccer game.

At the soccer game, we seems played smoothly since we have never lose to our rival. Every single time before the game begin, i always feel anxious or worry. But when the game started, the feeling will just fade away and turn into a willing to win every single game.

At the end, we won the soccer game and get the first place on it. Me and my friends felt so graceful and happy because all of our energy and time had finally paid. And for another sport, we also won the badminton, and the relay race. In total, we won 4 title. It was a great experience for our class.


For this task, i will tell you about “ Sugarush “,  one of my favorite place to eat a tasty main course or just some sweet desserts. i knew this place from the internet when i searched about some great cafe and restaurants in Bandung. I found this restaurant is really interesting because of the famous macaroons and desserts they make.

This restaurant  is located in Jalan Braga no 83 Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia,  just near the Braga Citywalk. You can easily spot Sugarush since it has big sign and very unique design. I really like how they put “ take me home “ sign near the see-through window that display the dessert. It feels like everytime i walk by, i want to buy the sweets there. It’s not really hard to reach it but the parking spot is a little bit hard to find. I suggest you not to come here at the weekends because you may lose a parking spot because at the weekends, Sugarush is always full of the visitors, usually teenagers, to spend weeknights here.

As you walk inside the restaurant, you’ll find a very cute and artistic design. You can find some great wall-art, a lot of chandeliers hanging above us, and unique-old lamps.

And for the food, one of my favorite main course is baked rice. It taste so delicious and the portion is just fine. After a main course i usually order a dessert, and my favorite dessert is churros. It’s not the best churros you can get but it taste yummy too.

The price, i can say it’s a bit expensive for student, but it’s worth it!

Friday, May 22, 2015

#30216 : Trip to Bali

On 20th-26th April 2015, me and the other 11th grader went to Bali. First we met at the train station. There, we took our luggage tag. After waiting for about 2 hours, we finally set off from Bandung. We enjoy the way to Surabaya because me and my friends have a good time on the train, we played, we chatted, we ate, and the other fun stuff.

On the next evening we arrived at the harbour. We rode the bus depended on the class. I slept on the way to the hotel and when i arrived,  i watched Barcelona ( which Barcelona won the match ) and finally fell asleep.

For now, i will tell you the best part of this Trip to Bali. The first one happened on the first day of the trip, we went to the “ Tanjung Benoa “. I had so much fun there since i played 3 awesome water sports. I played banana boat, parasailing and of course jet ski. I played a lot of sports until i couldn’t get a good amount of food. But that’s not a problem.

And then my next favorite moment is when we ate dinner on “ Jimbaran “. The food is very tasty and fresh, i even ate my friend’s food. After we ate, we flew a lantern per class and we were having a good times with our class.

Next is the moment where we visited the “ Penglipuran Village “. That place is so tidy and still traditional. I took some photos there.

One of my most favorite thing is when we ate at “ Kintamani “. We wereserved with more than 10 different foods. I ate a lot of food there, and i had the best watermelon i’ve ever eaten there. I wish i can come back to Kintamani soon.

Next is the “ Malam Keakraban “. At that moment, i performed a cabaret from Tiloe’s Theatre and it turned out to be satisfying. After that, at midnight, me and my friends ordered McDonald’s double-cheesse burger, french fries, and soda. We ate until 2 a.m. and went to our own room.

That’s my favorite moment when we went to Bali. I felt so happy and have a very good time there and i wish i can have another memorable trip like this next time. 

Song Review : Eric Clapton – “ Tears in Heaven “

In a heartbreaking tragic accident, Clapton’s four-and-a-half-year-old son, Conor, fell out of an open window in the high-rise New York condominium he was living in with his mother, actress and Italian television personality Lory Del Santo. Although New York law requires window guards in apartment buildings, according to Snopes, a 1984 ruling exempted condos, leaving building owners to decide whether or not to have safety devices installed.

The New York Times reported that Conor’s accident happened during a visit from the housekeeper, who had opened the six-by-four window in order to clean it when Conor wasn’t in the room and was unable to prevent the boy from “[darting] past” before it was shut.
In a 2005 interview with Mojo, Clapton said Conor’s death “threw me into … a wobble,” and in the immediate aftermath of the accident, he coped by throwing himself into his work — most notably by contributing a trio of new songs to the soundtrack of the 1991 movie Rush, including “Tears in Heaven,” the Grammy-winning hit ballad inspired by the immense grief of his loss.

I really like this song because the song composition is just simple yet touching. Moreover when i knew what’s the meaning behind this song. You can feel the sadness, the misery, and the sincerity of Eric Clapton in this song. The lyrics are very meaningful and beautiful. That’s what makes me really like this song.